Cooking at the Coach House

Cooking with Kelly Bennett (photo by Steve Wylie)

It was the debut of  “Breakfast with Gary & Kelly” at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. The whole crew worked their butts off showing up at 11pm the night before to start initial setup then back again at 5am Saturday morning to start the real work. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of about twelve of these shows so far and have a great time at each one. The show is broadcast live on 88.5 FM AND streamed live at www.AlertTheGlobe.com AND done in front of a live audience! Just imagine the work involved to make sure everything works perfectly with no problems. Somehow, some way it always does. My cooking segment is just a very small part of the show that revolves around performances and interviews with some really great jazz players and musicians. If you’ve never been to a live taping do yourself a favor and stop on by. It’s free and lots of fun! For all the latest show updates go to www.ksbr.com. Happy cooking. T