Tom Riehl

A few years ago…

I hosted a little cooking show called Food Rules. It ran on many stations throughout the U.S. for nine years. I believe we ended up doing close to 80 shows in all. When I originally had the idea to do a cooking show, I really didn’t know what was involved. It was me, in my kitchen, talking to one camera. After the first show aired, I began getting letters asking for the recipe (For you youngsters, letters were how older people corresponded to each other in the eighties and nineties.) From that point on I was hooked.

The show slowly grew from one camera to four. After a few years our production crew had grown to twelve. We had a live band and a studio audience. All this on no budget. A lot of fun and many great memories.

Food Rules

With house band Lil Mo & original Three Dog Night members Floyd Sneed & Joe Schermie

It’s now 2012 and some time has passed since I’ve been in front of the camera cooking. I’ve accumulated a lot of great recipes during the last few years and will be sharing many right here on this site. Hopefully you have some too.

I have a couple long time friends from the Food Rules days helping me pull this together so I know it’s going to be great. We’ll have some new episodes posted shortly, but in the meantime, have a look around and try some of these great recipes.

Happy cooking,