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Tom RiehlFood and the kitchen have been a part of Tom Riehl’s life for as long as he can remember.

Combining equal parts humor and cooking expertise, Tom has discovered a way to make everyone’s kitchen experience fun!  A self proclaimed non graduate of any legitimate cooking school, Tom believes anyone can be a great cook if they have the desire to learn. …Read More

In addition to his love of food and cooking, Tom has been working as a stand-up comedian since the early nineties. He’s been a regular guest on a variety of radio and television shows throughout the U.S. and was part of a cookbook entitled “From The Stage To The Stove”, featuring recipes and jokes from Tom and other comedians including famous Blue Collar comics Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall.


From the Archives

February 11, 2000 –
Original Three Dog Night members Floyd Sneed and Joe Schermie stop by the Food Rules set to make some Fried Chicken and to bring a little Joy To The World!

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